The Top 0.5% League - How Soon Can You Earn INR 30 LPA Salary?

As per government tax payers' data and our assessment, only about 6,00,000 Indian taxpayers earn an annual 'salaried' income of INR 30 lacs or above. And only 11,00,000 Indian taxpayers earn a 'total' income of INR 30 lacs or more. Have you ever considered how much time it would take for you to be amongst these top 0.5% earners in India?

Whether you are a senior-level manager at a startup, or a fresher, you need to absolutely know how you can shorten the path to earning a high salary, a be amongst India’s top earners. Based on our algorithm, we will tell you exactly that, in a few easy steps!

We designed an algorithm that calculates the number of years you will require to reach a salary of INR 30 lacs per annum based on industry hiring, salary trends, and your profile. If we find that you're on a long arduous path, we'll also suggest alternative faster routes for you.


This is how it works

By Team InsideKampus